Ampliar pantalla firefox for mac

Take 2 fingers and swipe upward on the track pad simultaneously to zoom in. Its great for those itty bitty screens on netbooks, making the most of your hdtv or just. Zoom is a feature which allows you to increase or decrease either the size of a web page or the size of the text. Roll the mouse wheel up to zoom in while pressing control. Take 2 fingers, press the control key and swipe down on the track pad to zoom out. The voiceover screen reader describes exactly whats happening on your screen. Hover text lets you instantly magnify a selection of text. How to make firefox and websites go full screen firefox help. Nonmultitouch users can still smooth zoom by scrolling.

And display accommodations support color blindness and other vision needs. Every mac is built with assistive technologies to support people who are blind or have low vision. Firefox can expand to fill your entire screen with its full screen feature. Smooth zooming with the pinch gesture on a trackpad. Algunos ejemplos posibles incluyen paginas web, fotos y documentos. Font size and zoom increase the size of web pages firefox help. Click save visible at the topright corner to take a screenshot of the part of the webpage that appears on the screen now click save full page at the topright corner to take a screenshot of the entire page, including the parts that dont appear on the screen. If you want, you can also delete the firefoxfolder from usersusernamelibraryapplication support. No puedo ver videos en pantalla completa resuelto ccm. Roll the mouse wheel down to zoom out while pressing control.

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